Cuddeback Seen Operations Instructions

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Summary of Contents

Page 2 - Extended Warranty

  ,%$SORAT)FTHEBATTERIESAREDEPLETED&!),  WILLBEDISPLAYED)FTHEREADINGISBELOWYOU may want to change the batteri

Page 3 - camera, too!

Step 1: Press the A key to display P1 (strobe flash power)0CONTROLSmASHPOWER(This setting is ignored on the SEEN® and will be displayed as P1:--)

Page 4 - dealer

Time Lapse / Guard Duty Mode (P0= tL)Time Lapse/Guard Duty mode is enabled when Parameter ISSETTOT,7HEN0ISSETTOT,THEROTARYDIALENABLES

Page 5 - Operating Instructions

No Card Mode - Using SEEN® Without an SD Card7HEN3%%.® is used without an SD card, images are STOREDIN3%%.SINTERNALIMAGEMEMORY3%%.® features

Page 6 - Zone Control

Use Windows PC to Manage Cuddeback® Images with Trophy Room®Trophy Room® software makes it easy to manage your Cuddeback® images.Trophy Room®  !UT

Page 7 - SD Card

  !UTOMATICALLYCALCULATESTHEBUCKDOEFAWNRATIOS based upon your images. Includes CuddeCharts with which you can analyze your image

Page 8

Put your Cuddeback virtually anywhere!No tree needed!Set-up is simple as I, 2, 3...Insert Post Mount into firm ground.Adjust camera angle and tighten1

Page 9 - Step 8 – More Features

Tilt adjustSlide on/offPut a Genius Tilt Mount bracket in all your favorite hunting spots!Patents Pending Patents PendingFor use with allCuddeback®sco

Page 10 - Parameters

Visit Cuddeback.comand enter your best photos and videos in the monthly Cuddeback photo contest. Enter as often as you like. Vote for your favorite ph

Page 11 - LARGElLE images/video

Non Typical, Inc., P.O. Box 10447, Green Bay, WI

Page 12 - Guard Duty

FREEExtended Warrantywith online registration! Extend the warranty on yourSEEN® camera to18 months by registeringyour purchase

Page 13 - Battery Squeeze

Make viewing and managing your Cuddeback® images easy withTrophy Room® –Cuddeback’s free PC programFree download at www.cuddeback.comSee page 21 for m

Page 14 - Trophy Room

CuddeSafe® Protects your Cuddeback® SEEN® camera from bears, thieves and the elements!tFits Cuddeback® SEEN® scouting camerast)FBWZEVUZCFBSQSP

Page 15 - Appendix A

Care and treatment A. Don’t abuse your camera. Treat it like the sophisticated piece of electronics that it is. I. Treat it gently – do not abu

Page 16 - Cuddeback

Step 1 – Familiarize yourself with the SEEN®Take a moment to familiarize yourself with 3%%.® camera’s parts.Motion-HeatSensorFrontFront OpenBackSD Car

Page 17

Step 2 – Installing Batteries and SD Card  4URNTHEROTARYKNOBTOTHEOFF position.  /PENTHECOVERANDREMOVETHEBATTERYHOLDER  )NSTA

Page 18 - Cuddeback photo contest

 3%%.® features our Genius Mounting System. This system allows you to attach the bracket to a tree and then slide 3%%.® on and o

Page 19 - 920-347-3810

After the image is saved to the SD card, the LCD will disPLAYTHEDELAYSETTINGANDBEGINCOUNTINGDOWN/NCEthe COUNTERREACHES3%%.® is ready t

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