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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - User Manual

C (modular) &E modelUser Manual

Page 2

Test Item Press MODE until the TESTS LED is illuminated. Aer a short delay WALK will be displayed and walk-test is enabled. When test mode is enabled

Page 3

how much battery power is used to take a picture or video. Day Images require the least amount of battery power and are counted as 1Batter

Page 4

✓ Lifetime Days is how many days the camera has been operating. ✓ Run Days is how many days the camera has been armed. ✓ Lifetime Images

Page 5 - (color) modules along side

b. SD VIDEO is the number of videos on the SD card c. SD FREE is the amount of free space on the SD card d. IM IMAGE is the number o

Page 6 - Be sure to

Additional TopicsMountingGenius mount is more versatile than the traditional strapping the camera to a tree. e Genius mount is easy to attach to a tr

Page 7 - Slide up for narrow view

Image Footer Iconse footer on Cuddeback images includes icons to provide status about the image. Note, Advanced mode is required to set burst mode an

Page 8 - (control panel door open)

SD Card OrganizationFiles are saved on the SD card in this format: Images are saved in this folder SD:\DCIM\100CUDDY Time lapse images are saved i

Page 9 - ( )

Detection Rangee motion sensor detects the temperature dierence between the air and the animal. e range at which an animal will be detected varies

Page 10 - Diagram of “Walk” test

5. We recommend you use a longer delay, around 30 seconds or more, to give the batteries a rest period. 6. We recommend you do not use vide

Page 11

2. Press MORE until SETUP is displayed. 3. Press UP or DOWN to select ADV MODE. 4. Press MORE to retain the viewed setting.e following section

Page 12

e new Cuddeback cameras are the best cameras we have ever oered. e compact design does not sacrice performance or image quality. In fact, C &a

Page 13

g. LOAD F/W – Press UP or DOWN to load a new rmware from a SD Card. See Appendix A: Firmware section in the manual. h. SETUP

Page 14 - Black Flash®

3. is system allows you to set daytime operation dierently than nighttime operation. Here is a description of these settings: a. DELAY –

Page 15 - Close-up of image footer’s

• Record burst images during day, and a single image at nightArm MenuWhen the camera is arming an additional screen will be displayed to remind

Page 16

c. Use our Trophy Room Windows PC program which will automatically inform you when new rmware is available. You can download Troph

Page 17

2. Older batteries will generally have less power than newer batteries. Batteries purchased many months ago may not last as long as bat

Page 18 - 4 x 3 (FULL)

Food Plots. A short delay is typically okay as deer will be moving around and you don’t want to miss any. However, FAP can deplete batteries quickly i

Page 19

4. Insert into camera 5. Assure gasket and (it only ts one way) module are seated correctly 6. Replace bezel and secure with screws

Page 20

2. RESET is the rst command. Pressing UP will reset the camera to factory settings. is command is useful if you think the camera sett

Page 21

Appendix F: WarrantyFREEExtended Warrantywith online registration!Extend the warranty on your Cuddeback camera to 24 months by registering yourpurchas

Page 22

CuddeSafe® Protects your Cuddeback® camera from bears, thieves and the elements! • Fits Cuddeback C & E model scouting cameras • Heavy-duty, b

Page 23

✓ Never mix old and new batteries. ✓ Never mix dierent types of batteries. ✓ Never mix lithium and alkaline batteries. ✓ Replace all batter

Page 24

Approvals: FCC, CE, ROHS. is device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device ma

Page 25 - CuddePower

NON TYPICAL, INC., PO Box 10447Green Bay, WI 54307-0447www.cuddeback.comDesigned in USA with ¼ Second Trigger Speed

Page 26

Design eoryCuddeback C & E model cameras have been designed to be as compact as possible, without compromising the performance, features, reliabi

Page 27

6. DC INPUT – Only use Cuddeback CuddePower battery pack or cables. Maximum input voltage is 9 volts DC. DO NOT ATTACH CAMERA TO A 12

Page 28 - Extended Warranty

Install batteriesInstall batteries by removing the 2 battery door thumb screws and removing the battery door. Insert 8 AA batteries as shown. Make sur

Page 29 - Cuddeback

Zone Controlis camera is equipped with Cuddeback’s patent pending Zone Control. e motion sensor can be set to detect animals in a wide angle or a na

Page 30

Quick Start Guide (EZ Mode) C & E model cameras have 2 operating modes, EZ and ADVANCED. e default mode is EZ and we will explain that rst. e

Page 31 - Green Bay, WI 54307-0447

Setting the clock will demonstrate how the user interface functions.Clock Item Press MODE until the CLOCK LED is illuminated. e current time will be

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